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After years in an alcoholic wilderness, uncle Mort returns to his sister’s house. with the resolve to pull himself together. Abe, his 13 year old nephew, dreams of buying a sailboat so he can leave in search of his elder brother. Abe has saved up enough cash and has found a boat, but to take delivery he needs an adult’s signature on the bill of sale.

Fletcher and Crowley run a less than reputable boatyard. With his son showing an interest in the business, Crowley knows that the old ways with Fletcher must come to an end. Fletcher agrees to leave after one last sale.

With his mother out of town for the weekend, Abe and Fletcher try to persuade uncle Mort to sign…

Director Bob Meyer
Screenplay Bob Meyer, Randy Buescher
Cast John Malkovich, John Goodman
Producer Dan Walker
Photography: Lisa Rinzler
Editor Eddie Hamilton
Production Designer Richard Hoover
Costume designer Susan Kaufmann