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Oasis is a cutting edge television series that blends strong story-lines with genre fare to create a sophisticated and original mix of prime-time drama. Oasis is a supernatural family thriller aimed at a family and teenage audience.

Set in Dubai, Oasis tells the story of Gabriel Wilson, a loving father and charming businessman who awakes from a coma to find himself a vampire. With his business in ruins and creditors at the door, he and his family quickly adapt to a new way of life. But they are not only destitute, they also have to live with a monster in their midst…

Original idea: Arnaud Louvet
Bible: Arnaud Louvet, Raphaëlle Valbrune, Joshua Phillips and Vincent Poymiro
Producers: Dan Walker, Arnaud Louvet
Co-production: Æternam Films
Developped with: Arte France

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